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 Clan Rules - Eng. version - UP

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PostSubject: Clan Rules - Eng. version - UP   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:35 pm

Clan Rules:

I. Hierarchia:
1. CL - Backstab clan lider.
2. vCL - persons who take CLs functions when CLs is absent in game.
3. Captains - persons who take care od cases which are to serious for normal clan members, and to easy for CL, vCL.
4. Clan Member - person with full rights.
5. Recruit - clan member with restricted rights (trial term - week).

II. Regulation with main assumptions :

1. Respect opinion rest of the clan mates, be tolerative.
2. Help others, and others will help You. One for all, all for one.
3. We put main pressure for mature and experienced players.
4. Do not attack other players, if you have been attacked hit how much as you can.
5. Every clan mate is obligated to use VT (even if they dont have microphone). It will improve communication between clan members and contribute to faster solution. Use clan VT every time you are Online!
6. Every clan member have to write in English on clan chat. Same on VT if in the channel there is person who is anther nationality. There would be a punishment for those who do not observe.
8. Fight with honor and win. If you have been defeated, go from battle field as person cultural without insult.
9. Remember you wont win the world alone. Clan is one whole, in which you are an element but without you clan cant exist.
10. Every day and every night make everything, so our clan is perceive as group of people who are experienced and cultural.
11. In clan there can be only your main char.
12. Drops from RBs or Epics sort out Clan Leader.
13. Those who wont play more than a week without any notice would be dismissed from clan.
14. Full drops from clan party goes to cWH. If some one get full drop by himself fell free to do with it whatever you like. Of course if person who give full drop to another clan member, or put it in cWH would get big + from CL.
15. We answer all wars, so pls dont cry about how many wars we have.
16. Any kind of insulting your clan mate is it in game, or on Vent will be punished by kicking. No exeptions.

III. Laws and dutys :

1. Every clan member have to:

- Be on the VT without any circumstances.
- Inform clan about his longer absent.
- Have 1 support subclass (bishop,ee,wc,bd,sws,wk,es), and chose classes for his main for class certificates.
- Every clan member is obligated to have CP pots, elixirs mp cp hp and atleast 2 bres scrolls.
- Sign to seal which will win.
- Every clan member is obligated to camp RB/ Epic which we are interested in.
- If we know respawn time of epic we have interest of this epic.
- Every clan member have to have bigger amount of shots for fast restock.
- Every clan member put FK for pvp / epics. Dont ask why.


2. Every clan member is able to give propositions / take part in discussions.
Recruit doesnt have such privileges.


IV. Craft system:
- all clan members put mats to cWH. There is clan crafting clan craft. Recs everyone have to get alone/in groups.
- Clan leader says - you make it happends.
- You do not discuss with CL.
- in late game there would be chosen some persons who will have quests for recs S
- once a week CL and vCLs will gather adena from everyone, so we can buy most needed mats.
- if someone wannt to craft alone there is no problem, but pls dont count for stuff from clan. It is your call.


1) S weapons: we craft in 9 persons party
- party leader (captain) says when you start to farm and what weapons are first.
- party leader choose person who have to have q in closes days.
- such person have to get set amount of quest items and is calculated by party leader from this assignment
- any delay will be punish.


2) S armors: we craft in 9 persons party:
- armors S grade from cWH gives CL person who need 1 part from set.
- we spoil keys in bigger amount (x2) - after you craft what you wanted you put rest in cWH.


3) A grade: clan craft ( recipes exception which you have to get alone)

V Main:
Soul Cry:
- CL choose persons who have to get 11/12 cry. firstly goes to oly / main / clan development / sub
- we make Rift by clan to get 13.
- if you want to have faster / bigger amount - you camp lilith / lvling RBs and inform it on clan chat + VT
-(lilith. if we know she is upj / there will be many pvp so every party which will be choose have to have crys to lvl up. we will do this based on 4party principle (or more or less it depends how many we are) last hitting
everyclan member have to have:
- quest for baiuma - minimum 3 fabric.
- quest for antharasa - minimum 2 entries.
- quest for valakasa - minimum 2 entries.
- quest for lvling cry.

Principle in puting pty party on:


BD + SWS + BISHOP + EE + WC + KOT/DD + DD + DD + DD/tank/kamael

BD + SWS + BISHOP + EE + WC/EE/SE + OL + NUKE + NUKE + NUKE/koń/kamael


if there is not such party we can dont go for pvp
WC have to be ready to go fast to cWH and make fast SOE and go to the location make gate


When epic / pvp is on there can talk only people who are privileged to talk at the moment by CL or vCL.

Every clan member have to set clan chat as always seen. I dont want hear that someone didnt saw ALL SOE because he was hitting mob.

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Clan Rules - Eng. version - UP
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